Savings / Investments

Start low and grow and grow and GROW! Take charge of your financial future now! Start with a Statement Savings Account to save for the unexpected or a Junior Banker Savings for children age 0-18 yrs. of age. Open a Christmas Club Savings Account today to start saving for the holidays.
Compliment your Vantage Bank's Savings accounts with the following banking services:
  • No charge Internet Banking with Online Bill Pay, eBill Technology, and eStatements
  • Saturday Drive-In Service at our Albertville location
No Quarterly Service Charge 1
3 no charge Withdrawals per Quarter
 (for ages 0-18 yrs)
No Quarterly Service Charge
No Minimum Balance Required
Interest Paid on Any Balance
3 No charge Withdrawals per Quarter
Save for those Christmas expenses with a $10 minimum opening deposit. Christmas money paid to you on November 1st.
No Monthly Service Charge 2
Interest paid on entire balance at cycle end
No Monthly Service Charge 5
Complimentary 1st Check Order 4
Max 6 withdrawals per month (regulatory limit) 3
Various minimum balance to open and earn interest
10 calendar day grace period for renewals, starting with the maturity date
Online banking to view
Please consult your tax advisor for tax advantage eligibility
The maximum allowable IRA contribution for tax year 2011 and 2012 is $5,000. ($6,000 for individuals age 50 and older)
Allows individuals to enjoy tax-deferred interest while saving for retirement.
IRA contributions are tax deductible for individuals who are not active participants in qualified retirement plans.
For active qualified plan participants, a tax deduction may be available - depending on income levels.
Direct Rollover IRA allows an individual to retain tax-deferred status when rolling over funds from a pension plan.
IRA distributions are not subject to IRS penalty after age 59 ½.
Minimum required distributions must start at age 70 ½.
IRAfunds grow at a faster rate because IRA earnings are tax deferred.
Please consult your tax advisor for tax advantage eligibility
Individuals can make non-deductible contributions of up to $5,000 for tax year 2011 and 2012. ($6,000 for individuals age 50 and older)
Distributions are tax-free and IRS penalty-free for qualifying first-time homebuyers and individuals over age 59½.
No minimum distribution required at age 70½.

  1.  $100 balance to avoid $6 quarterly service charge
  2.  $5 charge per withdrawal during cycle
  3.  $10 per item over regulatory limit.  Account subject to closure or suspend transaction capability for excessive.
  4.  Complimentary check orders are eligible for limited designs and limited quantity
  5.  $5,000 balance to avoid $15 monthly service charge